About Our Campaign

Meet Cory Butler

Cory Butler is fighting for a LACC that works for all of its students.

My Story

Growing up in the Pueblo Del Rio projects I was restricted to the 4 walls that surrounded our homes from enemy gangs that were literally across the street in every direction.  I did not feel the freedom my ancestors like Harriet Tubman felt.

With the support of my mother and family I overcame those barriers when I graduated from LACCD after attending three of their campuses across the city. I transferred to the University of Utah where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in family and child studies. Only then did I understand I could have more than the biggest drug dealers and not have to risk my life for it.  Like Harriet Tubman I achieved freedom by going through the Junior College process and graduating from University of Utah.

Education liberated me

Education liberated my mind. I also felt her pain being the only one in my community to be free. Every second of my day I’m taking every step possible to make sure our kids feel that same freedom. I have created  and operated youth athletic, literacy, and mentoring programs. I have not done so by myself. It took a village to reach where we have come. It will take a village to reach all of our kids who have yet to enroll in our community colleges.

It will also take a village to become your next Los Angeles Community College District Trustee for Seat #7. I am humbly asking for your support to help craft our kids college experience.


Jobs for young people

Access to Emergency Relief Jobs in student mutual aid to earn students monthly stipends.

House students

Use college gyms, showers and locker rooms during pandemic to house homeless students allowing them access to food, showers, WiFi and technology

Feed students

Establish student food distribution centers through grants and established food distributors

Improving Community Safety

Redirect $23 million Sheriff's contract to fund opportunity, prevention and rehabilitation by funding longer library hours, transfer centers, academic advising and trained mental health social workers and psychologists
Partner with locally owned security enterprises with local employment. Hire community college students to build relationships and safety in the community.

Empowering Students

Educational Campaign for people to understand LACCD role
Expanding focused tutoring programs for black and Latino males